elizaisdead ([personal profile] elizaisdead) wrote2017-04-23 10:29 pm
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three- a speech (but not really)


holy shit it's been quite a time. i'm fucking freaked y'all.
my friend (who we'll call A) and i are what the teachers at our school call the 'power duo'. whenever a presentation needs to be done outside of school or as an extracurricular ect., we are the two the teachers call on. the reason for this? i'm pretty fantastic at speech writing and powerpoint presentations and A can speak in front of a crowd as though he was born to do it. 
recently, we were given a 'gig' by one of the teachers at our school to present about mental illness in schools- especially within the older student community- to a small group of elementary students, high school students and teachers. in that small crowd, there just so happened to be the principle of a rather large, rather important school in the area, who took a liking to our mindset and presentation abilities. so now i'm sat at my computer on the verge of throwing up because tomorrow A and i are speaking in front of 450 teachers,
well, fairly, A is speaking in front of them, but i am still required to be on stage with him because it is my work on display as much as his. my anxiety is currently acting up big-time. 
also my relationship with my girlfriend is going to shit but what can you do.
ill write about how it went, promise, if i don't pass out.